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Expand our knowledge of those who came before us,
those here today and
for our children to know who we are.

About Me

The origin of our last name has always interested me.  Over time I found more and more of us located in many places around the United States.  Then in Germany, Norway, Australia, Sweden  and more.  Then while looking for a Crest of Arms (Family Crest) I began finding we originated from other spellings in other languages.

I had begun creating a Family Crest and as I read how the symbols and meaning intermingled, Without having a complete Genealogy Tree the Family Crest could not be designed.  The basis of a family Crest is built from heritage... and so became


This web site is dedicated to ALL SOENKSENs
with adding two generations of names
created and joined by their marriages and children.


As one person trying to create this site and maintain a life, this site grows as you send me data and I can find my way back to the keyboard,
Your patience is very much appreciated.
Thank you , Ο¿Ο¬ Michael Lellon Soenksen  (mical lEllon sAnk-sen)